What women do not like in a man?

What women do not like in a man– Despair – women do not tolerate desperate men, those who constantly complain and find excuses for everything. You have to be personal. You should be well aware of whatyou want and to express your opinion.

– Weak men – these men are emotionally needy, they are seeking for support in women or in other people. Most times these men do not have their personal opinion. They hesitate about anything and do not make choices. If you continuously repeat the girl who you like that you love her, you’re emotional need. So you are showing your dependence. You need to stop doing this immediately.

How women understand that they have found a real man?

Women often test us. The test can be in any form. Most often they behave like spoiled girls or say something bad against us, to provoke us. The simplest situation, when thewomen tested us is when she refuses because of a silly reason to give your number. In such a situation you should remain calm and react accordingly. In another situation she may behave like a really spoiled girl. It is a mistake if you put up with such behavior. This is not the way to make her like you. Just laugh at her or tell her to stop immediately. In any situation you have to be ready to improvise in the quickest and best way.

If she asks you “Why do you need my number?”, the biggest mistake you can make is to betray that you like her. Say for example that you are making a phone book of the female part of the city and laugh at her. So you have passed one of the tests. You must inspire respect in women. Otherwise, they will never look seriously at you. Never obey a woman, even when you ask for no reason to carry her purse. After all, she herself can do it. No obedience even in the smallest things.

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