Several Advices For Good Health And Beautiful BodySeveral Advices For Good Health And Beautiful Body

Weight Loss

Everyone wants to lose weight for a moment, to be beautiful and healthy. Unfortunately this is impossible. But there are several things you can make to get closer to the desired goal.

Add at least one hour of sleep each night. Also, select an appropriate fruit – all are healthy but some of them have an amazing effect – apples, peaches and oranges which have fewer calories. You should take up to 1500 calories per day. It is a good advice to eat eggs for breakfast. According to some experts, if you are on a diet and take for breakfast two boiled eggs, you will lose 65% more weight. In addition to that you should replace soft drinks with water. You will be full of energy and you will be hydrated and slender.
Every day eat at least three low-fat milk products. They unlock the mechanism of burning body fat. Eat more fish.  Also,  be careful when you cook pasta. If you boil it for a long time it will have more calories.

Beware of eating out. Some experts believe that food in restaurants contain up to 60% more calories than home.

Also, eat slowly. According to a new study women who eat spaghetti for lunch for 9 minutes, take 646 calories. If you eat the same portion in half an hour will take 70 calories less. You will feel and fuller.

Put an end to stress. It has been proved that women who practice yoga or meditation lose weight much easier. Deprive of chocolate cookies. You can replace them with sweet almond oil on dried fruit.

Listen to appropriate music. Has been shown to help a successful diet.
Replace TV viewing with walks.
Do not listen to music and watch TV while eating. Thus distracted, resulting in overeating.
Remember that it takes time and patience. Do not lose hope and faith in yourself and do not give up. You have to make exercises to lose weight – diet is not enough.
Do not eat out of boredom, and seal his free time with interesting and healthy activities.
Do not stop exercising even if you have already lost weight.
Do not overeat.
Reduce not only sugar, but salt.
Not necessarily crazy to give money for sport. Make your home gym, cycling, dance and walk around.
Never starving. Eat often and chew a little longer.