Top 10 Habits That Will Help You Attract Money in 2016 (second part)

Top 10 Habits That Will Help You Attract Money in 2016 (second part)

5. Be always aware of recent events, books and popular brands. Most leaders read 5-6 editions a day. You do not need to read every article of every newspaper. Know on what to focus (many successful people collect heaps of expressions from magazines and newspapers; these items remain in storage and they can read them at leisure time). Knowledge is power. Whether you are an entrepreneur, corporate leader or head of the family, you can change your life and that of others with an idea.

 Habits That Will Help You Attract

6. Never tell another person about your personal actions for development. Your strategies for expanding the capabilities of mind and spirit are only yours. Others may not understand their value and can look at you with distrust, if you tell them that your success is due to these techniques. Save these ideas for yourself.

7. 85% of perceptions are received through the eyes. So in order to concentrate on anything, you have to shut your eyes and any distraction will disappear.

8. Always answer the phone with enthusiasm in your voice and show the caller that you appreciate the call. Best manners when talking on the phone are essential. In order to make your voice stronger and therefore to sound more confident, stand up while you are talking on the phone. This will instill confidence in your voice.

9. Drink a glass of warm water before a speech. Ronald Reagan was using this strategy to make sure that it will keep his icy voice. It is very important to master the public speech ability if you want to become a successful person. Moreover, it will improve your communication skills.

10. Start going to fitness or go jogging. Practice different sports several times a week and turn this action into habit. Strong men are successful men. They are confident in themselves and make amazing first impression.

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