Top 10 Best Pregnancy Energy Boosters

Pregnancy Energy

Every pregnant woman has experienced the problem with lack of energy and even depression. Here you will find which the best pregnancy energy boosters are:

 Pregnancy Energy

1. Stay out

Experts say that vitamins synthesized under the influence of sunlight, especially vitamin D, strengthen the immune system of pregnant and make it less susceptible to diseases in which energy is wasted. They advise pregnant women to spend more time outdoors, and be protected by appropriate means of the sun. It is not recommended exposure to solar radiation from 11 to 15 h.

2. Ginger tea

Studies have shown a link between fatigue and morning sickness. Ginger tea can suppress nausea. It is also recommended eating small portions frequently during the day and staying in right position after eating.

 Pregnancy Energy

3. Massage

Massage can help reduce the tension of the muscles and relaxation and is one of the best pregnancy energy boosters. It is good to ask your partner to rub your shoulders slightly and occipital area for 20 minutes – this will cheer you.

4. Foot Bath

Foot baths with alternating hot and cold water will not only help you have more energy, but will help you to reduce swelling around the ankles. Do these foot baths three times a day and you will soon notice the difference.

5. More movement

Exercise helps to eliminate fatigue, improving blood circulation and increase oxygen flow to the brain. Scientists recommended in early pregnancy jogging and walking for 30 minutes and drink more fluids to avoid dehydration.

6. Stimulating blood circulation

Morning before the taking a shower, rub your body with a brush. Use a soft brush due to increased sensitivity of the skin during pregnancy. Begin by brushing the feet and continue towards the heart. The increased blood flow is great pregnancy energy booster.

7. Refreshing drink

Coffee is a proven stimulant but should not drink more than one cup, if ever you decide to violate the recommendations of specialists for abstaining from coffee. A good substitute is a refreshing mint tea as a helpful pregnancy energy booster.

8. Refreshing colors

Studies show that dark colors reflect depressing the psyche. It is recommended to wear clothes with colors that enhance the mood. The red color helps you feel strong and energetic and green can you act soothing.

9. Acupuncture

The main reason for fatigue in pregnancy is disturbed sleep. Brazilian study shows that acupuncture can halve the manifestations of insomnia, so you could try this method after consulting a doctor.

10. Maintaining normal blood sugar levels

For this purpose it is recommended to consume whole grains, fruits, vegetables containing cellulose, and legumes to maintain stable levels of energy.

Ideas for suitable food during pregnancy

Scrambled eggs on whole meal toast and grilled tomatoes

Small frequent meals release energy more slowly and steadily. This recipe contains fiber, which create a feeling of fullness longer.

Bananas – They contain real wealth of nutrients, including vitamin C and potassium.

Chocolate – Studies show that babies develop a taste for food in the womb, so it is better to refrain from large amounts of sweets. Instead of sweets eat a few pieces of quality dark chocolate with high cocoa content.