Things We Should Do To Get Toned Abs

Things We Should Do To Get Toned AbsThe belly is the most vulnerable to accumulate fat part of the body. The muscles are not so movable and loaded. Fighting obesity equals making systematicexercises of the abdominal muscles and staying on a healthy diet. You can lose fat but it is possible to gain it back soon. If your parents or grandparents have problems with obesity, it means your are prone to having the same problems as well so you need to take precautions. You should learn to control yourhunger. Before eating, drink a glass of mineral water which will dilute your digestive juices. Eat regularly and slowly, taking small bites and chew the bites for a long time. That way you will eat smaller amount of food and will feel you’ve had enough. Walk as much as possible and climb stairs.  Cycling is also a great and pleasant therapy to the abdomen. Do not overlook respiratory exercises which stimulate abdominal muscles as well. Take a breath slowly and count to three, then exhale and count to five. Moreover, proper breathing will reflect favorably on your whole body. If you use yogic breathing techniques it will help improve circulation. From time to time walk with tight stomach. Dance whenever you have the opportunity to. And every day do 30 crunches divided into three sets of 10. You can do that early in the morning while you are still in your bed. After that relax and raise your legs in the air to do an improvised cycling.

Here is an incredible exercise for getting in shape, called vertical legs-hip raise. You have to lift your legs together, turning and lifting the pelvis forward, without changing the position of the back. This exercise is difficult to be performed but after many attempts you will make it and will have excellent results. However, if you have problems with you spine and shoulders you should not make this exercise. Also, if you have never practiced any kind of sports, you probably won’t be able to make the exercise correct. Incorrect performance of vertical legs -hip raise can cause serious and long-lasting traumas. People with spine bending need to make a consultation with a doctor before making this exercise.  When you make the exercise you have to take a deep breath, press your belly and turn the pelvis so your knees to move forward.

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