The mirrors in the interior

The mirrors in the interiorDo you have a small room in which, moreover, very little light?
A couple of simple techniques will help “trick” the space visually and make the room more spacious, bright, and therefore more comfortable.

Design services are a good thing, but not everyone can afford. Therefore, you should try to do it alone. With a little imagination and artistic taste, taking into account some of the tips, you may well get your job done.
Apart from minor tweaks colour schemes and lighting, “push” the walls of the small room will help the mirror.
They fill the room and additional space will create the illusion of extra light will help to hide embarrassing flaws of your home.

Some helpful hints to mirror in the interior:

1. The mirror should not hang out there, where to direct sunlight. From overheating, it quickly fades.

2. You are going to hang on the wall a large mirror – remember that the free space in front of him should be at least half a meter, and the distance from the floor to the upper bound of the mirror must be at least 170 cm. It would be better if you hang the mirror vertically.

3. Try the option “mirror-picture” or the classic version of “mirror on the mantelpiece”. If such a mirror to issue any of the original frame (pick it up to the general style) – get a very interesting element of the decor.

4. An unusual way of decor is a composition of the mirrors, which will always be in the spotlight. Mirrors of various sizes, but decorated to a single style, if they are placed randomly on the wall, this surely can create intricate mosaic of the faces of which will play light.
5. Try using a mirror as part of a finishing material (pieces of mirror embedded in floor tiles). This technique makes the room elegant and unusual. Excellent option for your room can become suspended ceilings with a smooth surface. They are not just “lifting” the premises, but also can completely transform it.

6. The placing a mirror next to some of the colour full interior detail – and you will double its glamor. If it is a flower – become greener, if it is light – you will get lighter.

What should be the shape of the mirror, its optimal size, location and more – to be addressed to you, considering your own taste and the overall style of your interior?

Finally …
Since ancient times in many cultures, mirrors are mystical, religious objects. Therefore, do not be sceptical of Feng Shui, which is not recommended to hang a mirror opposite the front door and front of the bed.

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