The 10 things a man must never say to a girl

1. You look amazing for your age. – Although men thinks that a nice compliment, after hearing this sentence the woman only can think of “oh, he thinks I am old”.

The 10 things a man must never say to a woman

2. I didn’t know women your age … – No matter how you will finish the sentence you are already in huge trouble. Though you may say ” are so funny”, “are so wild”, ” are so sexy”…. you have made the worst mistake in your life and the woman won’t hear what you would say. Like example 1, she thinks now how old she looks, and feels miserable.

3.         She: “How do I look?”

            5 seconds later: ” You look fantastic!”

Again you’ve made a huge mistake – after such question you never think how to answer. Even if she looks awful, you answer on the second “You look fantastic!”

4. Answering a question:

            She: “Do I look fat?”

            5 seconds later: “Well, not fat, you’ve just gained a couple of pounds.”

I don’t think there is a need to explain what you did wrong.

5. Do you need another pair of shoes? – Even if your wife or girlfriend has 100 pairs of shoes, she always needs at least one more pair. Men cannot understand that. Just accept it.

6. I forgot my wallet. – If you are going out for the first time with a lady, you never forget your wallet. The woman must be comfortable and calm when she is with you. Moreover, you don’t want her to think you are too close-fisted, to buy her a drink.

7. Answering a question:

            She asks you: “Do you like my new haircut?”

            5 seconds later: ” I liked the previous more.”

8. Answering a question:

            She asks you: “What do you think about my new haircut?”

            5 seconds later: ” Well, it’s fine.”

Note: Probably you haven’t even noticed she has a new haircut. What could you say? You always must say she is amazing or gorgeous or whatever nice you can think of. However, sometimes women check their men whether they are paying attention to their look – perhaps there is no NEW haircut, it’s just the old one. So be careful, and if you can… notice such things.

9. Answering a question:

            She asks you: “What do you think about her?” (“equals” the new colleague you have”)

            5 seconds later: “She is sexy.” – Never be so honest with women. The best thing in your favor you may say is “she is ok”. It actually doesn’t mean a think but you still have a provided an answer to this tricky question.

10. Answering a question:

            She asks you: “Do you understand what I mean?”

            Of course, you don’t understand her. You weren’t listening to the things she said, because there was a soccer on TV. Or even if you have listened here, you didn’t get a word of what she was saying. You don’t want to admit ” In fact, I don’t understand you.” – first, because you will upset her. Maybe she will even start to cry. Second, she may want to explain you what she meant, and listening to her complaints is the last thing you should do at this moment. The guys are waiting for you, to go out or you just want to go to sleep. The answer to this question is simple and short and is everything you need. You have to say: “Of course, I do.” Your wife / girlfriend will be extremely happy she has such an understanding husband / boyfriend who listens to her and what is more – who understands her. On the other hand, now you are free like a bird and you can go out. It is a win win situation.

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