Take Care Of Your Face

Today a woman’s thirties are the best part of her life. Confidence is an important part of female happiness. It is better to take care for skin and beauty.

At this age the process of restoration and renewal of cells is slowed.  The synthesis of collagen and elastin decreases and the first wrinkles and fine lines appear on your face. Hydration is not enough. It is necessary to take care of recovery and protection from sun and pollution in urban environments. Attention to the skin should be daily, not just when you think or when the skin begins to peel and gray. It takes ten or fifteen minutes in the morning and evening, during which a security can be found if you really decided to maintain its beauty.

1. In order not to wake up in the morning with a swollen face and swollen eyelids – restrict fluid intake at night. Cup of tea or water you should drink two hours before bedtime. Thus, excess fluid will come out naturally by the body and you won’t have puffy face in the morning.
2. Try to visit the beauty salon regularly- at least once a month is the mandatory minimum.

3. Twice a year is recommended to provide a full course of lymph drainage massage of the face.  After the procedure the blood flow in the skin is improved and the skin is visibly younger and reduce fine lines. It will reflect in having beautiful, not swollen face.

4. Use sun cream. Choose one that stimulates production of collagen and elastin. These products facilitate cosmetic removal of wrinkles, improve complexion and gives skin a youthful look. If you have dry or sensitive skin – use a nourishing cream with antioxidant vitamins – A, C and E and vitamin F, which deal with irritations and redness.

5. All creams, and even decorative cosmetics must have a SPF factor. It is very important to the stitched skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Even on a day in the office, computer radiation is not negligible. So provide your products with quality protection against free radicals – a major cause of skin aging.

6. You should use facial serums. You have to apply them after cleansing and before applying day cream. Usually they contain active substances, concentration of vitamins and minerals, collagen, elastin and other important ingredients for beauty skin. There is no need to use the whole year, it is enough to use it in spring and fall regularly.

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