System And Positive Effects Of Well- Developed Abdominal Muscles

System And Positive Effects Of Well- Developed Abdominal MusclesThe belly is a system of muscles which include:

1)Straight abdominal muscles (Rectus abdominis) – so-called “tiles.” They have several functions, including folding the pelvis, protecting internal organs, preventing rotation in the pelvis, creating intra-abdominal pressure and maintain proper posture at the waist. It is important to mention that this is a muscle – anatomical and motor it is not separated in upper and lower abdomen.Therefore, there aren’t any exercises that strain designated area of ​​the straight abdominal muscle.
2)External obliques (External oblique muscles). They are located on both sides of the straight abdominal muscle and serve to tilt and rotate the body away, but in the opposite direction, for example, left out muscle rotation right and right – left.
3)Internal obliques (Internal oblique muscles). They are also located on both sides of “tiles” and the role these muscles have is to rotate your body sideways, with the difference that the left muscle is moved on the left and the right – right.
4)Transverse abdominal muscle (Transversus abdominis). It is located deepest of all abdominal muscles and is responsible for maintaining intra-abdominal pressure and a stable position of the body.

There are many positive effects of well-developed abdominal muscles. Having a strong stomach means you have a strong body. Tightening of the abdomen increases the strength of any muscle in the body. In the eastern culture this phenomenon is explained by the increased “chi” energy when the belly is tense. This is the reason why in the eastern culture sports it is paid so much attention on this muscle group. Even this explanation seem frivolous, everyone can be convinced of the increased force when the abdomen is tight – in a game of arm wrestling, for example. Belly, as well as any other muscle, shrinks in a straight line. This means that the tightening has not sinking inward or protrusion. If you have strong stomach, it will be flat.
The main task of the abdomen is stability. A healthy stomach is the foundation of correct posture of the lower spine. Belly has opposite action of the muscles of the waist, and if it is week, it can be a reason for traumas in the spine.

Belly plays an important role in performing the movements every day, and in any sport. Strong stomach is an essential coordination between the upper and lower body. Moreover, if you have a well-shaped belly, it means you have a great progress in the gym.

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