Stand for wine bottles

The desire to improve the quality of life is peculiar to each individual.
However, many do not know how to find the positive in the little things that surround us every day and come with us.
One can envy those who can get real pleasure sitting with a crackling fireplace newspaper, smelling pile of crisp ironed clothes or just a dinner with his family at the table. From such small pleasures and momentary happiness consists. Stand for wine bottles

Make life more pleasant may help at first sight ordinary objects that we use in everyday life.
If there is no such thing – be sure to add them to the interior. Become much more comfortable.

Stand wine bottle design work it may be that beautiful and useful piece, which is lacking in your home interior. It will beautify and enliven your home. Stand for wine bottles 1
The unique and at the same time simple design allows you to change the appearance on the stand as it is used.
When it is empty is like a sculpture.
It is necessary to fill the empty space with bottles of wine – the form will immediately change, acquire new shape, and become a very attractive piece of furniture.
Stand for wine bottles 2
The materials are MDF, laminated veneer cedar. Dimensions: 15 x 34 x 22.

Produce its own is not difficult, with skills in working with wood.

Perhaps, this useful little thing will awaken in you the spirit of the collector to collect and make his wine collection.

Stand for wine bottles 5

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