Skipping Rope Will Improve Vertical Jump

Skipping Rope Will Improve Vertical JumpImprove Your Vertical Jump

Skipping rope is suitable for all healthy people aged under 55 years with 35% body fat. It is healthy for these people to skip a rope for 5 – 10 minutes without interruption about three times a week.
Older athletes should go through a long program of progressive alternating cardio activities in order to prepare your heart for loading. People who have never practiced jumping on a rope don’t know when to stop – if the pulse is too rapid it can be dangerous condition. Jumping is not recommended for people with vestibular, cardiovascular and respiratory problems. Also, it is not recommended for people with ankles and knees injuries.

There are different ways to skip the rope. They differ mainly in intensity, which means the number of turns of skips per minute. Rotation with 200rpm is considered anaerobic cardio activity that increases heart rate to 85-95% of maximum. The low – intensity is 60-100 jumps per minute, the average – 101-159 jumps per minute, the high intensity 160-199 jumps per minute and the competition values ​​200-300 jumps per minute. There are different steps for jumping. The most important classical steps are twelve. Here you will find information about the  two basic steps beginners should know. The basic step is very simple. You stand still and jump on both legs only 3 centimeters high which is enough space for the rope to go under your legs. The jogging step is something like running on the same place. You move the rope faster than you do in the basic step. If you want to begin with the skipping the rope but don’t know where to start here is a good advice to follow – train basic step and jogging step in short series, while learning how to synchronize the movement of the rope to the beginning and end of each jump. The basic step is the easiest of all. When you reach the five-minute jumping basic steps involved short periods of jogging step and after that go back to basic step when you feel tired.

Try to practice 5-10 minutes of skipping the rope once or twice a week in the first four weeks. In the beginning the most important is the technique and frequency of practice. Speed ​​and volume of training will come with improvements in the first two. It is preferable to skip rope three times  a week for an hour than skipping rope once a week for three hours.
Once you can skip for 10 minutes without stopping to speed 140-180 jumps per minute, you will be ready for the advanced program.


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