Retro kitchen design

Retro design is in fashion again, and using this style of decorating the kitchen, you do not You give just a tribute to your grandmother, but do so that your kitchen will be, as they say, unique and unrepeatable.

Retro kitchen design

Where to take items of retro

There are many different eras, from which we can safely draw inspiration. As a rule, retro characterizes any period that a generation older than ours. Nevertheless, there is a clearly defined period of retro, which will make your kitchen more beautiful and refined. In the end, you do not want your kitchen look like two centuries ago! So, this is the most popular era – the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s of the year. With a retro color palette, decor of the time, your kitchen will be transformed for a few days.Retro kitchen design 1

It is style of the era of the Great Depression, based on Art Deco style and functionality. Smooth edges, muted colours and chrome elements. All this will make the kitchen a stylish and functional. To give your kitchen a form 30s, use muted yellow, blue and red hues with touches of black and white. In addition, do not forget the colored plates, butter dishes, cups and saucers.Retro kitchen design 2

Retro-design 1940

Compared with 1930 mi 1940 design, it is brighter and more cheerful. Colour is the main attribute of this era. Start with the bright green with a yellowish tint, sky-blue or cherry red. Once you have chosen one of these colors, add black and white, to highlight key points. The elements of retro stainless steel 30s were also popular. Use them as well. In addition, you may be lucky enough to find a bright towel, then grab them and take it to the kitchen. This will add some zest.
Retro kitchen design 3
Retro-design 1950
1950 is often called “the decade of housewives,” and this is reflected in the very design of kitchens at the time. Kitchens are functional, but at the same time stylish and contemporary. Era was inherent in a bold color choice, several new applications of chromium and, of course, and the new elements of technology. Take a red and white, connect with black, and get home the main theme of the 1950s. Also very popular are shades of gold and yellow, cyan and green. Nevertheless, if you do not like these colors, use as the main color white or cream.Retro kitchen design 4

Get inspired

Before you make repairs, consider a vintage era you prefer. You can certainly try to recreate the kitchen completely in the style of one era, but most prefer to take on a few elements and touches of the 30s, 40s and 50s at once. Look for directories, read books on design blogs on the Internet.

Retro elements

Once you have decided how to look your kitchen, make a list of necessities. Colors and materials can be purchased at retail. Dishes and towels too. Nevertheless, keep in mind some design elements may be quite expensive, if at all collectibles. Therefore, is easier to obtain reproductions or copies. Be bold!