How to spend and not lose your FREE Gems on Rush Racing Facebook Game

Rush Racing Facebook Game. This is a way To keep your account gems after spending them on Rush Racing  [ Facebook game ]

Rush Racing Facebook Game

Not lose ur FREE Gems on Rush Racing

FREE Gems on Title is used just to draw your atttention.

Before we start, i wana say that that u wont be needed to do any stuff like changing code with Inspect Element or so. Its just a way to keep ur gems after spending them.


Several clarifications before the explanation how it works:

  1. There is nothing like FREE GEMS in Rush racing game.
  2. U can NOT SPEND more Gems than what u already have in your account.
  3. U will need good internet connection to do this.
  4. If u lose connection while locking your account u will lose your gems.
  5. Wait servers to reset then login to your account again or you lose gems.


As i told u FREE GEMS is a myth in Rush Racing game, so be carefull and do not trust someone who told u something like :

  1. “Give me ur account and tomorrow u will have loaded tons of Gems in your account”
  2. “Fill the blank with your account info and we will load you Free Gems”
  3. “Click  ………………… link and u will get Free Gems”

All those are just a way ppl to get your facebook account for some nasty things.


Follow Those 8 steps :

  1. Open 2 Browsers [can be two times same browser or different browsers]
  2. Login to your account witch gems u want to spend.
  3. Open Rush Racing Online on it and make it FULL SCREEN.
  4. Go to second browser and go to your Facebook.
  5. From second browser Logoff from your account.
  6. Now u are free to spend your gems from first browser (Because its full screen u still will be loged on your account).
  7. Lock your First Browser account in some race.
  8. Wait servers reset time and u can login to your account again(after locking account you can not login anyway)


Most of u will be confused from this lock your account thing.

So let me explain how i do it.

U will need second account in Rush Racing or ask a friend to help you for locking.

My way to lock was to clone a car.

I hope i was enough clear, so all understand how to do it right.  U can comment, share and Like us on social networks. Help us grow.

If u need more clarifications  i can make another Post with how to lock your account coz its not sometinh for 3-4 lines here.