How to found out whether he likes you - body signsHow to found out whether he likes you – body signs?

Signs of the body can show more than a guy wants to admit. If you wish to found out very common signs that a man expresses when he likes you, check the helpful information below.

The easiest technique to determine if you have attracted his attention is eye contact. When a man is keen on you, he unconsciously looks at you in the eyes. He can be sitting in the other corner of the room and still he could not look at anything else but you, or he looks straight in the eyes for a long period of time.Maintaining eye contact is a positive way you can tell if you have attracted his attention. Long look, a smile on the face means that you caught his interest.

Reading body language can reveal a lot of interesting things. If he is sitting or standing close to you when there is enough space to sit, then he is probably keen on you. If he often finds excuses to be with you and to approach in this way, he actually says that his intentions are more than friendly!

He may try to smooth his shirt or run his fingers through his hair with a broad smile. These are all those little signs of body language that he may not even realize.

If you watch him closely, you may even notice a sudden change in his manner. He is making some efforts to be more polite as he wants to impress you.Turning an ordinary man to a gentleman is a definite sign he is attracted to you. If he is flirting with you indirectly or making any kind of a physical contact, that is a certain indication that he is interested in you. For instance, he can place his hand on your shoulder which is considered to be a protective way or maybe he is holding your hand coyly.

There are many common signs of attraction for  men and women. During a conversation with a person of interest, a man or a woman copies the posture of the other person. Both try to stand closer to other person during the discussion. Facial expressions can also reveal a lot. Dilated pupils show attraction.

Observing body language of a man will reveal a lot! These signs are an indication of his feelings, but through clear communication, it will be easier to discover.