Reasons For Having A Puffy Face

Reasons For Having A Puffy FaceIf you don’t like your face and you think it does not look beautiful because it is fat, you make some efforts to change it. There are several factors that lead to puffy face: aging, lack of sleep, eating too much salt, not drinking enough water, gaining weight etc.

Lack of sleep can be a result of too much stress and hectic life which can cause puffy face and dark circles around the eyes. Also, this leads to production of hormones which are the basic of building muscles or gaining weight. In order to reduce stress in your life you should sleep for about seven or eight hours. Then the body feels energetic and rested.

If you eat too much fat it will result in gaining a few pounds. You should avoid eating French fried, chips, chicken’s skin, mayonnaise etc. Also, you should drink your coffee without sugar, you should not eat ice-cream and cakes. If you want to put some sauce on your dish – put ketchup in stead of mayonnaise. Don’t put much salt in your dish, because it is unhealthy – it leads to swelling of the face and kidney problems. All you can drink is water – not sweetened and fizzy drinks.

Undiscovered food allergies can cause swelling and puffiness of your face. People see they have fat face and they think they should stay on a diet but it can be caused by retaining water.

Smoking also can be a reason for having puffy face. It takes the vitamin C from the body and as a result of that the body can’t produce enough collagen and your skin looks old and fatigue.

Drinking also results in bad looking face. If you drink too much alcohol, you will swell under your eyes and you will have fat face. The only organ that can cope with drinking alcohol is liver and its main task is to detoxification.

If you don’t have much time to practice some sports and you go to work every day, using your car, then you will definitely gain weight which can lead to fat face and double cheeks. You can choose between going on foot to work every day or practicing in the gym three times a week. In your lunch break you can go jogging which will make you more energetic and healthy.

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