Prefabricated kitchen wall

Prefabricated kitchen – this is the result of a chain of processes, ranging from concept design work, plus the owners of professionals and collectors of furniture finishing. These are the kitchen and are very popular today, both in Russia and in foreign countries. The process of creating these dishes is constantly being upgraded, continuously improving. Prefabricated kitchen wall

Manufacturers use in their kitchens-the-art materials and technologies. The process of finishing the kitchen furniture is becoming increasingly difficult. Today, this type of cuisine is a combination of wood, glass, stone, and metal, to increase the strength and reliability using high quality and reliable materials.
Prefabricated kitchen wall 1
The basic principle of the creation of such dishes is to maximize the functionality of each of its elements. Along with functionality should not forget about the attractiveness of the kitchen. An example of this appeal is the glass walls of the kitchen. These elements are placed between the wall cabinets and counter tops.These elements have different colour s, different shades that are sure to fit the style of your interior. Prefabricated kitchen wall 12

Such elements are mounted to the wall in different ways, one of them is the use of projections from the sockets and switches. Install a glass element to be close to the wall to prevent ingress of insects or dust there. These glass elements are the best alternative to wall tiles.