Nine Easy Habits To Have Flat Abs

Nine Easy Habits To Have Flat AbsNine Easy Habits To Have Flat Abs.

1)The most important thing is to relax. Stress is the first cause for fat accumulation. Stress increases cortisol levels above the normal range, and that means fat in the abdomen.
To leave the stress away you can make this exercise. Sit in private in a quiet and comfortable place. Take a deep breath and slowly exhale. This will brighten your head. Continue to breathe deeply and exhale as if saying a silent sound “o”. Do this exercise 5-10 minutes twice daily.
2)Forget about alcohol at all. According to Dr. Jacob Seidel who is doctor in philosophy from The National Institute On Healthy Eating In Netherlands, even a glass of wine is enough to accumulate fat in the abdomen, as the level of cortisol is increased by alcohol.
3)Forget cigarettes and do not make the mistake they help you lose weight. According to the theory of Dr. Jacob Seidel smokers have a greater accumulation of abdominal fat, while people who don’t smoke have fat distributed throughout the body.
4)Eat food rich in fiber. This helps to reduce weight because it creates a feeling of satisfaction. Eat every day, from 25 to 38 g fiber, in order to have good digestion.
Drink plenty of water, this is particularly true for the premenstrual period in women.
5) Weak bone system is one of the main reasons why the belly tissue is sagging, when you are overweighed. It is recommended for people over 50 years to take 1,200 mg of calcium daily from food and supplements, and people below 50 years – 1000mg.
6)Aerobic activity is also very important. Five times a week you should make exercises for 45-60 minutes.
7)Tighten your abdomen. Do not think that this should be done with girdles or tight clothing. Learn to constantly tighten the abdominal muscles. Build this habit. Naturally, you must do it intentionally – standing well back and store the maximum inside the abdomen.

8)Work for the abdominal muscles at least three times a week. Choose a set of exercises and make them regularly. After 1-2 months replace them with another appropriate mix by increasing the load. You will enjoy the tight abs and naturally – a flat stomach.

9)Be careful how you sit – you have to be in right body position. Shoulders have to be straight, it is the same for the back, the belly tucked up. Walk with a rhythmic gait, never drag your feet.

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