Modern designer office tables and office chairs

Modern designer office tables partModern designer office tables.

3. The mass of the Treasurer
Office furniture and equipment

E, what looks like … Just look at how many drawers there: from the smallest to A2. Maybe money can accumulate, and documents, and just important documents. Venue will be. Original solution is translucent roof through which clearly shows: what lies where.

4. Universal Extendable table
Modern office chairs

The table is very suited for small office space, where space is limited and cannot even carry out installation of suspended ceilings. It is necessary to make the meeting, please.

5. Workbench Duplex
Office chair Duplex seemingly simple wooden table. Nevertheless, work on its production May are very labor intensive. Try to do this “hood” … These are hundred percent office tables. Out of them, lift home “fully retractable top” to work a computer. And the office will be completely normal, except it can go charge for an employee who is so focused on their tasks, even that was only isolated from the external environment. 

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