Luxury and practicality in one

Luxury and practicality in one

This is a small round coffee table, which is difficult to identify with what furniture is where chairs are set close to it.

For the furniture is not only important to have a great design, but also to represent the living room interior in its best light.

Unique set may come compact, for the table that fits perfectly with the oval shape of the backrest of the chairs. This solid collection on the other hand is possible thanks to the two seemed to cut design chairs that complement together.

The base of the chairs has a cavity, which accommodates the base of the table. Mass in turn holds the support of only one central leg of the table with a fine structure.

This practical and compact furniture are extremely luxurious. The outer structure mimics wrought iron chairs and inside are soft upholstery. To easily move the table, there are exquisite living room chairs the entire back of his restraints.

Sets are available and lamps made in the same style.

For those of you who want to have a special place at home where to stay with your loved one in an intimate setting, this incredible set of Italian furniture is appropriate for this area. This lovely piece of jewelry can find a place even in the bedroom.

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