Kitchen sets: planning space

Kitchen sets planning spaceModern consumers have long been accustomed to affluence in the furniture market. It used to virtually every home were identical sofas, walls, kitchen sets. Now everyone can equip your apartment according to own tastes.

To do this, simply go to the specialist furniture shop and choose a model that is suitable for a specific interior. In addition, if the store did not have anything suitable, you can always go to the shop where you will manufacture to order any furniture in your sketch.

Most often, custom-made kitchen sets. In order to bespoke furniture is successfully fitted into the interior of the need to properly calculate the size of each item and decide how and where it will be placed furniture. First, create a drawing room kitchen, then cut out of cardboard, all items will be installed. You can then schedule placement by rearrangement.

Types of plan kitchen

The most common are U-shaped and L-shaped layout, if space allows, you can put some pieces of furniture in the middle of the kitchen. This layout is called the “island”.

For small or narrow kitchens would be the best T-shaped arrangement of the furniture. This option is useful when space is divided into zones – working and dining.

U-shaped layout is typically used in large kitchens. It allows most economical use of space, including space under the window is activated.

“The kitchen-island” is only option for large rooms. A distinctive feature of this plan is that the working area is located in the middle of the kitchen. Can be used as an L-shaped and U-type layout.

The main thing to consider when modeling the kitchen is the functionality and ergonomics. All items must be placed so that it was easy to approach, to not be necessary to make the big move from sink to refrigerator or stove.

You also need to know what the optimum height of 80-90 inches tops.

Today, manufacturers of kitchen furniture offer a huge range of kitchen worktops. The most popular materials for their production are natural wood, laminated chipboard, artificial or natural stone and glass.

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