Kitchen and dining in the style of Madonna

feng shui madonaKitchen decor in the style of wild Madonna

The Queen of pop music Madonna is both eccentric personality and pragmatic. She delighted the audience with shocking candor his outrageous outfits and speeches. Therefore, lives in the infamous Star educate your children in almost puritanical traditions and prefer an elegant and stylish interior. It seems so New York apartment of Madonna.

Apartment in Manhattan overlooking Central Park singer has acquired several years ago. With interior design has borrowed her brother – Christopher Chico. “I tried to create a true New York apartment – spacious, elegant but not impersonal, calm but not boring” – acknowledged in an interview Christopher Chico.
In his words like Madonna, more New York than Los Angeles because it is in New York home she can truly rest and relax. In fact, Madonna’s apartment has three adjacent apartments, where the star has bought at different times.
Chico completely changed the area and it is united in one apartment. At the request of the Madonna, he is filled with her favorite paintings photographs, antique furniture, candlesticks and mirrors.
“My paintings are my source of strength, all the pieces in my collection are a very powerful impact” – Madonna herself admits.

Elegant dining in the style of Madonna

 Madonna dining style looks elegant and authoritative. Center of the room is gorgeous polished dark wood table in the Art Deco style. It is complemented by chairs with high backs, upholstered in striped silk with a deep cherry color. The window is decorated with elegant shades with color-faded rose.
It is pale pink walls, nothing superfluous. Against this background looks impressive large paintings in window frames and tougher to vessels wall mirror. Dining room is separated from the kitchen with sliding doors of dark wood with glass windows.

Therefore, did the kitchen in style and mood have received very different compared to dining and living room – everything is subject to the order and functionality. The interior of the kitchen is in a contemporary minimalist style. Simple square white tiles on the floor, marked with bright furniture laconic rectangular surfaces, household equipment with steel color, furniture and lighting elements with stainless steel.
We recognize that this combination seems a little impersonal and even sterile. This kitchen does not have to sitting cozy or romantic dinner dining. However, there everything you need is to cook in comfort. Thanks to the ergonomic thought and organization of space here has found a place and a huge fridge, and cabinets for kitchen utensils and even a special stand can about wine. In this kitchen easy to maintain cleanliness and perfect order, so like the singer.
At the request of Madonna, here have made a small corner for breakfast Barna-stand and a few high chairs in the spirit of the eateries in 1950. This corner is the perfect little snack to chat or a cup of coffee.

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