Keep Fit While You Are On Vacation

Keep Fit While You Are On VacationWhen we are on a summer vacation we change to some extent our habits.  We change the hours of breakfast, lunch and dinner and snack between them.

These changes disturb the rhythm of feeding the body to operate normally.  Your insulin increases its levels in the blood which means increased hungerwhich  results if fat accumulation. Even light salads can increase your waist size.

What is nutritionists advise?
Although you change your habits keep three main meals of the day. Eat your breakfast and dinner later.  But it is important to allow the body to process food. When you are on vacation probably you will feel more relaxed and you will eat many things which are not defined as healthy food. Make sure you eat too much of them. You can eat pasta for breakfast and  if it is slightly underdone you will feel less hungry at the lunch time. Be careful when you choose sauce – tomato is preferred to mayonnaise.


Most of the women don’t have breakfast when they are on a seaside vacation because they don’t like their  belly to be swollen. It is not the best choice because it slows the metabolism. When women are on vacation most of them wear more casual and loose clothes. They are more comfortable and also hide the extra pounds that they will gain while they are having fun. It will be better for women to have at least one dress or trousers which are tight -fitting. When they put on them they will understand how much weight they have put on and  will stop eating unhealthy food.
Don’t make the mistake that eating more fruits will prevent your problems with weight after the vacation. Fruits are healthy but  they are quite tricky in terms of the sugars content.  About 200 grams of fruit will be enough for a day.
Nutritionists advise to eat more vegetables – fresh or steamed, to choose lighter milk sauces to salads, to use lemon juice or vinegar for seasoning. Do not give up meat completely because you need protein. Eat lean meat and more fish.  Choose boiled potatoes for garnish and eat bread.
The best advice is to drink enough water with lemon or with mint leaves. In addition to that you can add a little juice to a water, but avoid fizzy sugary drinks.

If you combine lying on the beach with several hours of walking you won’t gain any weight during the vacation. If you go sightseeing you won’t understand how many hours you can walk without even noticing it.

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