How to Impress a Girl and Make Her Fall in Love with a Boy

How To Impress HerImpress a Girl and Make Her Fall in Love with a Boy

The most important thing is to attract her attention.

It is known that the hit articles are published in newspapers in ringing and throwing in the eyes names like “Corpse found cop”, “Permitted sale of drugs”, “Sofia remains without hot water.” Working in newsrooms know that there are frequent disputes between the author and the editor, as the author believes that a title does not reflect the nature of the writing. But editors don’t care about it – they must compel the reader to read at least part of their newspaper. There is even such a term: “eye-catcher” – ie – something that stops your sight.

Why is this important?

Because I want to draw your attention on the fact that you have to start with what may draw the attention of the victim. If you can attract the female attention – you have a chance. If you do not – it’s too bad for you!

Here I list some of the best ways to attract female attention:

To have a sense of humor – you have to do this: for about a week every day (about 15 minutes) read jokes. For this time in your head accumulate considerable amount of jokes. In this case it is important not to make a machine that spews huge quantities of jokes, but just the opposite – in the context of the conversation on a word, phrase, story or situation around the two of you – to say, “It’s just like the joke

…… (and here smiling you tell the most appropriate jokes). ” As a result of such sparingly telling jokes – in others formed the impression that you are”different,” “interesting,” “fun” and in short – you are a pleasant and interesting person.

How to intrigue a woman to arouse her curiosity.

To do unexpected or unusual in a typical situation, to break the typical clichéd behavior (but not social norms).

To play your role.

To pretend that you already know each other from somewhere.

To fill her sense of uniqueness and singularity.

In the coming weeks I will find in my course dozens of examples of how you can use these methods. Now I invite you to dig into your memory and recall cases from your own experience when you drowned capricious to attract female attention.

Analyzing these cases, try to remember the main thing you did in specific situation: make sure you understand what you did then, that the woman has separated you from the general gray and faceless mass and apparent undisguised interest in your unique personality ?

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