How to Write a Poem

Write a Poem 

Not a single man is there not to possess little pieces of aptitude for art. For that very moment when the river of feelings overflows from  inside, everybody has built up their own way of conveying. Some decide to convey those moments throughout poems.

Step 1. When to take up your poem’s writing?
Poem writing  has nothing to do with the other types of writing, it requires soul, it requires inspiration. Nobody could start up penning meaningful and soulful rows on an empty paper, neither one of the greatest poems has been crafted this way. One is ready to write a poem  only when their heart is obsessed by the thing that poem is going to be written on.
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Step 2. Forcing yourself won’t make your writing.
Nobody has crafted a lovely poem within a minute. A good poem is given birth by tons of scribbling and a few wasted pens. Do not force yourself, let your heart control your hand, let it write then scribble and then write again. At first, you will have a text which is the last thing on the planet to be a poem.How to Write a Poem 3 (2)
Step 3.   Let’s work it out now!
Take that first script, look at it and think what you wanted to tell to the world. Start replacing the words you don’t like, put ones you would like to hear. At a certain point you’ll have rhymes, but still your script is far from being wise and meaningful. It will be meaningful whenever it expresses what you meant to say to the world writing this poem. Now, do not give up, start playing with your script, interchange words, inverse word orders, add a word, scratch a word. Now leave it.

Tips: Whatever you do on this script, do it with flair, with desire and passion. Because a good poem is anything, but not randomly put well-sounding words on a row.How to Write a Poem 3 (1)
Step 4. After some time, an hour or a day, go back to your script.
Rewrite it on a clean sheet of paper and read it aloud. If it says all you wanted to express, your work is complete, if it does not, just add another series of playing on its structure. That is how a good poem, replete with feelings poem is written.
 How to Write a Poem 4
-Zachary R.

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