How to transform the kitchen in Feng Shui

feng shuiUnfavorable is location of the kitchen in the center of the house.
Worse, when over the stove or kitchen table looms beam. In this case, neutralization using a pair of bamboo flutes, the beams can also be hidden in ceilings.
Do not use the kitchen curtains with image of vegetables and fruits – this leads to digestive problems. It is best lightweight tulle or colored blinds with cords.
Do not block the kitchen with old vessels throw what you do not need. The kitchen should have good lighting, with an odd number of light sources. It is now fashionable to combine the kitchen with living room or dining room. These are threatening diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In this case, you must apply the principle of zoning. This is done with lighting, domestic plants, transparent or passing from one end to the other shelves, different structure of the flooring.
In the kitchen, you can use protective talismans. Traditional respect for the kitchen are red pepper, corn, onions (can be real or ornamental). If you prefer to use the Slavonic mascots (canvas bags, wooden spoons, etc.), they will not harm the good Feng Shui in your kitchen.
The most basic rule for any kitchen is to maintain cleanliness and order. The kitchen should not be over. In addition, never leave unwashed dishes at night. Clutter in the kitchen brings chaos in family relationships and finances.

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