How to Start Your Day Positively

Start Your Day Positively. It is a common belief that your day will flow the way you start the first few hours after waking up. If you wake up full of energy, this will reflect on your appearance and self-esteem. Start Your Day Positively

Such simple things as stretching out in the morning and a healthy and delicious breakfast will help you acquire a positive attitude for the whole day to come.

How to start your day right?

1. Plan your day in advance.
Before going to sleep, write down on a list the interesting events that await you tomorrow. Many people wake up in a bad mood due to hormonal changes during the night. However, if you start thinking about all the exciting things that await you, you will quickly feel a lot better.
Start Your Day Positively

2. Bright colors.
If you wake up to the view of bright and diverse colors, this will give a positive push to your energy and your adrenaline, which by no ways means that you should paint the walls of your bedroom in “thermonuclear” colors. A pillow, pajamas, a painting or an item in the room /preferably in different shades of red or orange. Upon getting up, you can put on a bright-colored piece of clothing and have a cup of fresh juice.

3. Fresh air.

We all love going to sleep in a well-heated room. However, in the morning, we frequently wake up feeling our heads heavy. In order for us to sleep well and wake up feeling fresh
, we need to ensure the comfortable temperature for sleeping of 15-20 degrees Celsius. Ventilating the room daily is mandatory.

4. Flowers.
Waking up to the sight of a fresh bouquet or a vase with flowers will give a woman energy for the whole day ahead. Start Your Day

5. Visualization.
Right after opening up your eyes, close them again immediately, and visualize a random image. Image yourself, active and energetic, doing something really intensive.

6. Alarm.
When the clock starts ringing, many people click the snooze button and fall back to sleep. However, your brain knows it will ring once again, so it does not get sleep properly. The alarm should be set for the time we will really get out of bed as uninterrupted sleep will give us the opportunity of waking up fresh and recovered.Positive Ways to Start Your Day

7. A cup of water.
To freshen yourself up a little and compensate for the loss of liquid during the night, it is nice to drink a cup of cold or warm water in the morning. If the body is lacking fluids, you will feel tired and emotionally and physically down. You should drink around 1,5 – 2l of water every day.Positive Ways to Start Your Day

8. Sunlight.
We can feel joy and a rush of energy if there is melatonin in our bodies – a hormone responsible for falling asleep. You can get more of it if you go outside and sit on the terrace, drinking a cup of coffee under the sunlight, which will, on the other hand, charge you with positive energy for throughout the day.

Positive Ways to Start Your Day

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