How To Select The Perfect Ceiling Design

How To Select The Perfect Ceiling DesignStretch ceilings “high art”
The main highlight of the tension of the system is that it allows you to roam your imagination and turn the ceiling into a work of art – to make multi-faceted or tiered seating to create the effect of a starry sky, the aurora borealis, or a flying comet. Moreover, the process of installing the system in place is less than four hours.

This is facilitated by a special system of installation, dramatically different from the groups listed above suspended ceilings. If previous finishes the main role was played by the various boards and panels, here given to the palm of PVC canvas. Installation is carried out using a special frame – a baguette, located on the perimeter of the room. Next on the frame is attached film, which is using a special heat gun is blown by hot air, thereby heated to the required 50-60 degrees. Expanded from heating further tighten the canvas, then cooled, resulting in film squeezed and stretched.

Fasteners come in two forms. In the first case on the edge of the blade makes, a tough and durable skirting (“spear”), which is inserted into the opening mouldings, and thus spanned the ceiling, is held firmly and securely, when the system cloth made slightly larger than the room. The advantage of this system is that it is possible to cover large areas up to 150 sq.

Appearing on the Russian market relatively recently, this type of ceiling decoration, despite the high cost, has already gained great popularity. In addition, this is understandable, because the ceilings have many advantages, which not even dream of hanging, boarding and glue. They perfectly conceal irregularities base ceiling, and under them can hide the electrical and ventilation equipment, but in contrast to the drywall, which “consumes” too much height, in the case of tension, but will have to sacrifice two to four centimetres of living space.

An important factor is the ability to withstand moisture, which is very handy if you do not live on the top floor of a house. If the neighbours happen to suddenly flood the top, the ceiling is securely keep your apartment safe. Despite the apparent lightness and ease of PVC can withstand up to 100 litres of water per square meter. m. It is bubble sag and allows water to pour not out. Return it to its original form will help experts, installation canvas. They bent portion of the ceiling of the special master key and merge into the water tank.

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