Each of us has his/her own ideas about the world and the people who inhabit it. In particular, each of us knows what in this world and the people is good and what is bad. We rarely think about why we take these standards – we just believe them and that’s it.

And as a rule, everyone is ready to defend his/her  values ​​and some particularly stubborn gentlemen are ready to start fighting on their own “truth” to be “truth for all.”

And if suddenly our life meet such interlocutor who initially agree that our own norms, rules and standards are fair (for the world and people) and he himself shared these views (even if only in words), we immediately are ready to accept that this man is our friend.

You see, just so each woman has her individual and quite confused ideas about men, for herself and on the surrounding world. And not a psychologist (even the best in the world), is able to end to understand what is in her mind.

But even if you are not a good psychologist, you can always create in every woman the illusion that you deeply understand her incomprehensible by anyone unique female soul. How is this done?

There is nothing easier: you have to approve everything that she considers to be her thoughts (to accept and to agree with her). And in any case do not have to care if her believes or thoughts are good or bad. And especially you do not need to say aloud your opinion. The task is much simpler: you just have to agree with that woman!

It is very important to remember that all women love to complain. Also love to make two elite males to fight for her. So when you hear another complaint from a woman that a man she had met, created trouble, you do not need shouting “I’ll kill him …” to jump on your feet and run to fight with anyone! Just smile. Nod understandingly. You must be sympathetic – it is enough.

When we go to fight with someone?

It is immediately noticeable when a woman wass affected  by the behavior of someone and needs your immediate protection. Then you can intervene. If sheis quiet – then everything is fine, no matter what she says.Of course, you can say anything, “But what if I do not agree with it or do not like what she says and how she behaves?” My answer is: If her statements or her behavior is disrespectful to you, then you’re bound to disagree and to send her to hell.

In all the other cases you have to show your approval, understanding and consent.

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