How to Prevent Poor Circulation in Feet

How to Prevent Poor Circulation in FeetSymptoms:

depend to a great extent on the exact artery which is affected and the reduced level of the blood flow

The main symptoms are:

Ø      dull pain in the feet after walking for a long period of time – the pain will be relieved when resting

Ø      changes in the skin color – it can become pale or reddish

Ø      law feet temperature which does not rise when the weather is hot

Ø      numbness

Ø      having infections and sores that cannot heal easily

Ø      swelling

Ø      diminishing the nail and hair growth


Ø      atherosclerosis

Ø      smoking

Ø      high blood pressure

Ø      not making exercises to keep fit

Ø      high cholesterol

Ø      shortage of minerals – the causes your body does not get enough minerals are: malnutrition, strict diets, lack of information about feeding.


Ø      Eat fresh fruit and vegetables. Do not leave them for a long time in water, not to “sail”mineral substances. Prefer products in their natural form and not processed. For instance, cereals are rich in minerals, but the flour has too insignificant amount of valuable ingredients.

Ø      Take magnesium with the food – cereals, nuts, pumpkin seeds, spinach, bean plants and bananas.
The necessity of magnesium increases with alcohol consumption and the presence of stress.

Ø      An extract from grape seed helps with poor circulation problems.

Ø      Stop smoking

Ø      Make exercises regularly and have a walk for at least 30 minutes every day.

Ø      Taking drugs to prevent blood clotting

Ø      Appropriate medications to normalize the level of the blood sugar

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