How to Overcome Lovesickness

Overcome Lovesickness

Researches have shown that when people are in love, some regions of their brain perform unusual activity. In other words, еnamoured people’s brains function differently, and they tend to be doting. Love is a kind of addiction, and when you cannot get your daily dose anymore (i.e. when you break up), your love turns into lovesickness. 
In 2008 3,374 people committed suicide for falling in love, you must not be one of them!

Step 1. Engage every second of your leisure.

Overcome Lovesickness

When you are engaged to do any kind of duty, you tend to concentrate on it, and since human brain cannot carry out multiple tasks at once, you, even though temporarily, have your mind freed from thoughts about your partner.
Tips: Being persistent enough and following this step, at one certain point, will make it turn gradually into a habit and over time your obsession will slacken.

Step 2. Do not isolate yourself.

Self-isolation does not help at all, contrarily, it gives space and time to your sadness and unhappiness to grow so big that they become capable of merging into depression. Depression is a serious illness on the list of mental diseases. Instead of self-isolation contact your friends, even those you usually neglect, talking is another proved method to quell your soulstorms.Lovesickness

Step 3. Stop looking for things that will remind you of your ex.

Never ever listen to those songs that you used to listen to, thinking about each other.
Never ever watch those movies you used to watch in each other’s company.
Hide every gift you have received from your partner, do not stare at those items thinking of the old days and repeating in your head: we could be happy together.
These are the main never-dos unless you are absolutely sure that your lovesickness is over.

Step 4. Learning to be satisfied with what you have is the best self-aid. 

Some of us wield divine beauty, others sharp brains, thirds are extremely talented. Stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself what you like about yourself, what you like about your life, do it every day. It will return your self-confidence.How to Overcome Lovesickness
Tips: Keep on smiling, having broken up does not terminate you lovability, a better one is on its way! 

-Zachary R.

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