How to Overcome Fear and Anxiety in Steps.

Overcome Fear and Anxiety in Steps


Psychology teaches us that, beside food, water and air, one’s most important need is to feel secure.

Even simply watching the news may be a traumatizing experience. News broadcasts and media build up their audience by presenting real or supposed threats concerning people’s private or social safety.

Fear and terror from natural catastrophes easily overcome us along with one’s capability of committing horrible deeds mercilessly (like acts of terrorism and videos of beheading people.) Even just head titles may terrify us. Headlines catch out attention, shake us and aim to strike our emotions.

We should be capable of learning this which we ought to know about the world, and continue living our lives despite all the horrible things going on.

There is nowhere to run, there is nowhere to hide.

Appreciate positive people.
There are many terrifying things around the world, but there are good people as well. We all feel happier when we are around happy and smiling people.How to Overcome Fear and Anxiety in Steps

Meditate and do the things that make you feel good about yourself.
Take a short break to direct your mind to the present moment. Concentrate on your breathing, feel the oxygen filling your lungs and empty your mind of all unnecessary and troubling thoughts. Meditation has been created to soften anxiety and nervousness.

Accept that fear is a feeling.
Bad things happen in life but it is not necessary for them to happen to you. When you are distressed, pay attention to your feelings.
How to Overcome Fear and Anxiety in Steps
Celebrate every day.
Appreciate the people, places and actions that fill your soul with joy.

Laugh and smile more.
Smiling activates muscles, hormones and neural activities connected to feeling happy. It has been scientifically proven that laughter makes one’s immune system stronger.

Distract yourself.
The more energy and time you put into negative and scary thoughts of what could happen, the more power you give to them. Do what makes you smile and put your mind into it. Do the exact opposite of what negative thoughts make you feel like doing.

Keep your feet firm onto the ground.
Truth to be told, there are some things around which we should be legitimately scared of. The world is not a safe place and safety is sufficient part of good living. Living your life feeling safe differs strongly from living your life in fear. True freedom comes when only we beat fear.

– Stilus

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