How to make the house bright and airy

How to make the house bright and airyFrench window is a vivid example of how to change our attitude towards the indispensable attribute of every home and how to change ourselves. The window in the wall speaks of our openness to the world, the desire to be closer to nature, the desire to light. However, the window lets you in a house not only light but darkness, both are in large quantities can cause discomfort. In order to avoid fatigue during the day light and darkness is not disturbed at night, in a large and beautiful window designs inserted blinds that are controlled either automatically or with comfortable handles on the window. There are other ways to create a favorable microclimate. For example, in insulating glass, units use solar control glass – it absorbs or reflects sunlight. Have the same property of glass, tinted in the mass, and reflective (reflective) with a mirror finish.

Modern construction materials allow you to create a window not only of all sizes, but of all sorts of configurations. It is very important because it provides a translucent design, not only lighting, but also an opportunity to review the surrounding area home. The window serves an aesthetic function, and therefore it can be considered as an element of art and culture. On the box, written books and scholarly works, he has a rich history. It has deep philosophical and mystical meaning. He is often compared to the eye, looked out into the world. Argue that the shape of the window can be customized to a specific character of the perception of the world for him. Accustomed to a certain type of windows, one sees the world through these typical window glasses. It is believed that the round window or windows in a wide semicircular arch are the world closer and warmer.

Windows is round, oval, triangular, trapezoidal – changing room space and our perception of space. Besides all kinds of windows, translucent constructions to include all the architectural elements that are more or less passed into the room in natural light. It can be glazed with glass doors same peaks, roof-glazing elements – such as skylights, translucent tunnels, lights and sloping glazed surface of glass are balconies and loggias, bay windows, winter gardens, glass partitions inside buildings, stained glass, etc. An experienced architect can choose from a variety of options that will always achieve an individual style, which is important for owners of country houses.

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