How to Make an Amazing First Impression on a Job Interview?

How to make an amazing first impression on a job interview by paying attention to your posture, walk, clothing, behavior and voice

Okay, so you have already received THE call for an interview and right now your head is probably exploding with thoughts and different scenarios on what you are going to do and how will it go. We are all aware of the fact that the first impression is the most important part. And it is formed in the first 10 seconds, even before you have said, “Good afternoon”. So, how exactly do we make the best out of this time?How to Make an Amazing First Impression on a Job Interview

Everyone has his/her unique qualities that make him/her stand out but, frankly speaking, those that can embarrass you are not that quite different among us all…

1. The appointment. 
DO NOT be late! Absolutely trivial, but a fact! Show up for the meeting around 10-15 minutes earlier, but not more than that. In this way, you will demonstrate your interest in the job offered and will have a few minutes to take in your surroundings – to get to know the working atmosphere, to get a basic impression of your future co-workers. Showing up more than 15-20 minutes earlier equals to being late. In both cases, this will be viewed as disrespectful. If you are there too early, then you are intruding yourself on their personal time and space. Simply said, you are trying to catch them unprepared, and this is by no means a good start of your business meeting. Being late, on the other hand, is an absolute demonstration of disrespect. Of course, there may be objective and good reasons for your delay, but a red light has already nestled in the interviewer’s head. Your next words or gestures may be crucial to whether things will work out for your good or not. How to Make an Amazing First Impression on a Job Interview

2. The way you walk. 
According to psychologists, the influence you spread on the people around consists of only 7% of what you say, 38% of the way you say it, and 55% of your body language. The very moment you enter the room, people have already estimated you and it is that very estimate that judges how they will treat you – with respect, with indifference, with superiority or with interest. The self-conscious, timid walk with small steps and eyes glued to the floor forms the impression of a depressed, self-consciouss, faint person looking as if he/she is expecting a failure. While the bright and confident in himself/herself person walks with his/her back straight, head up high, fairly wide steps, smiling and making eye contact with the person he/she is paying attention to. 

How to Make an Amazing First Impression on a Job Interview

Good news is, you can actually work on your walk. According to experiments lead by social psychologists, if a person gets to spend even 2 minutes alone in a room, either standing or sitting in a pose typical for more authoritative people, then he/she starts resembling the emotionally, behaviorally and even physiologically an authoritative person. 

Learn more about how to make the perfect impression in the next part! 

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