How To Make An Amazing First Impression On a Job Interview? (Part 5)

How to make an amazing first impression on a job interview by paying attention to your pose, walk, clothing, behavior and voice.

How To Make An Amazing First Impression On a Job Interview

Tips what to do while waiting for job interview

Continuing with Step 5: The voice
If you talk too much or try to say as many words as you can in a minute, this gives out self-consciousness, nervousness and haste. Make sure your voice is not trembling while speaking. In all cases, the interviewers will expect you to be nervous to some degree, but do not let this to continue on all the way through the interview. On the other hand, if you talk too little, it might be interpreted as a lack of competency and dishonesty/self-doubt.

Make sure you do not speak too quietly or too loudly. The faint and unconfident voice gives out fear – fear of failure, fear of being asked a question that you cannot answer or you trying to come up with a lie about it.

The loud voice is typical for strong and domineering people, but if you are shouting at the others, this will most probably not bring you the success you are striving for. It will be interpreted as a lack of manners and tact or a desperate wish to dominate at all cost. It is best to speak with the same intensity of the voice as the opposite person.

How To Make An Amazing First Impression On a Job Interview

Tips for your voice on a Job Interview

Good articulation is important for a good impression. Unfortunately, lisping, stuttering, and unclear speech are far more common problems than we wish. This is a problem that takes serious practicing and time, but can be understood and looked over. But when we are talking about parasitic habits like the constant hm’ing, uhh’ing, and nodding, this reveals a self-conscious person who is desperately seeking approval and wishes to be liked at all cost. Not to mention that it is absolutely annoying and take a person’s attention away from what you are saying.

If you talk faster than it is necessary, there is a useful technique for slowing down the speed of your speech by doing conscious pauses between words. At first, it will feel strange, but then you will get used to it and regulate the speed of your speech. Boring and monotonous talking may bore the interviewers and creates a horrible first impression.

6. The beam.

The beam is a mixture of everything we have listed so far and is almost impossible to be faked. It is caught instantly and reflects your current mood, as well as your own self-estimation – your own and the one that others have for you. In order to bring out the best of yourself, be positive. Set your mind to succeeding. Before the meeting, for example, put on your favorite song that makes you feel free and unique. That is exactly what you would like them to see in you on the interview, right – a person full of confidence, energy and the desire to bring out the best of themselves!



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