How To Make An Amazing First Impression On a Job Interview? (Part 4)

How to make an amazing first impression on a job interview by paying attention to your pose, walk, clothing, behavior and voice

Continuing with Step 4: The pose.
When you get invited to come in, do it confidently with an up-straight and bold walk, slight smile and eye contact. Sit when they invite you to do so (with a gesture) or after the interviewer has already sat down himself. The less you gesticulate and move around during the interview, the more you leave the impression of a confident and serious person. This type of people are used to being listened to and do not need gestures to enhance the meaning of what they are saying. The tense and stiff behavior, however, will not have the same effect. Act freely, with calculated movements, without sawing the air too enthusiastically – this is a sign of self-doubt and self-consciousness.
Maintain eye contact and smile confidently to enhance the meaning of the positive message. But do be careful – if you overdo the outbursts of spontaneous one-sided laughter, you may come across as self-conscious and inadequate.
Try keeping your wrist lower than your elbows – like the elbows on the arms of the chair and the rest of the arms relaxed onto your lap. It is best if your arms are not hidden (by a table or another kind of cover) with palms laid freely on your knees or slightly crossed on the table in front of you. This way you look ready and open for a conversation and for accepting the opposite point of view.

Business - young man sitting in job Interview

What is the best pose on Job Interview

If your typical everyday sitting position is sitting with your legs crossed, in this case, it will demonstrate a defensive position. The best way to declare your confidence is to cross your legs at the ankles or the take what is known as the athletic position – one leg placed firmly onto the floor, and the other bent back a little, standing only on the toes. This is a confident position, suggesting that you are ready for action.

5. The voice.

How To Make An Amazing First Impression On a Job Interview

Voice on a job interview

The voice very quickly forms a certain impression for the person. Over the phone we can easily distinguish the gender and age, we can even judge about the physical and emotional state of the person that is speaking. For interviews over the phone, the voice helps to judge for loyalty, confidence, and sincerity.


How To Make An Amazing First Impression On a Job Interview

Tips for your voice on a job interview

You can control you voice and use it for certain goals, just the way royal personas do – they gain that extra domineering note in their voice through practicing. Of course, it is nearly impossible to change or control some characteristics, like the form of the vocal tract which influences just how domineering the voice may sound. But here is what you can start paying attention to.

Try and talk clearly and correctly. Well-structured thoughts said in a calm tone in a good speed create the feeling of a calm and composed person that thinks well about what they are saying and is in control of the situation.

To be continued…


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