How To Make An Amazing First Impression On a Job Interview? (Part 3)

How to make an amazing first impression on a job interview by paying attention to your pose, walk, clothing, behavior and voice. 

In the previous part, we got to know how people instantly judge and weigh us by the way we look. That is why the way we look is so important. People tend to make quick conclusions based on quick and shallow observations. If you think that this does not apply to intellectual people with various life views, you are wrong! This is called naïve psychology and is typical for every human being. Just like the way we tend to believe that beautiful people are smarter or better than the others. Not that it is impossible for you to win the person in front of you even if you do not look stunning, but it will take twice or even three times the effort to do so. Make An Amazing First Impression On a Job Interview

4. The pose.

You have probably been offered to have a sit while waiting to be accepted. Remember – your interview starts the moment you arrive for the meeting. So look around – is there any extra information that you can look at – an information board or a company brochure. Be engaged with some sort of an activity – you do not expect to be hired to wander around and do nothing, right? That is why it is not a good idea to be playing with your phone or tablet while you are waiting. It would be best if you turn off all electronic devices. This will help you to concentrate fully on your circumstances and what is expecting you. In some companies, the interviewer does not make decisions by themselves and ask the secretary or other employees about their impressions of the candidate while he was waiting to be called for the interview.Make An Amazing First Impression On a Job Interview

The way you sit on the chair – whether you are crooked, with arms crossed in front of your chest or clutching to the arms of the chair… This all talks about your (or lack of) self-confidence and inner comfort.
Try breaking the tension by starting a small talk with the receptionist/secretary. Meanwhile, you can gain a better understanding of the organization you are to enter the interview and to tune in better for what is expecting you. You have no idea how helpful a conversation like that can turn out to be.

Observe – note the language the colleagues use among themselves, how they are dressed, how they communicate – reserved and businesslike or freely; whether they are busy doing their job, what is the environment like – is the furniture new or is it old and ratty, is it clean and cozy, is it well-ordered in the different rooms and hallways? This all gives away tons of information about the mentality of the owner/employer.

In the next part, we will continue the topic on how to be perfect for your job interview!

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