How To Make An Amazing First Impression On a Job Interview? (Part 2)

How to make an amazing first impression on a job interview by paying attention to your pose, walk, clothing, behavior and voice
So in the previous part, we discussed how important it is to be on time and to mind the way you walk, as that can say much about who you are and how you feel about yourself. So try working on the way you move. But usually, this and the signals we send are subconscious and, therefore, hard to fake. If nothing else, at least, make sure that you walk with your back straight, smiling and with the thought that you will succeed in impressing the interviewers and win them. Being sure about the upcoming success will unlock all the other signals, through which you will pass out the right message. How to make an amazing first impression

3. The clothing.

Your style gives away more about you than you can imagine . The fact that the clothing needs to match the type of work you are applying for needs no mentioning. It is good if it matches the interviewer’s style or to be a bit fancier. For leader positions, a business suit is recommended or a bit more modern but not too extravagant version. For the positions that do not require stern clothing, the dress code spreads wider.  Do not go for screamingly obvious accessories and jewelry. Whatever you choose to be your clothing, keep it simple, clean and non-challenging.
Therefore, never look over your clothing and leave it on your intellectual capacity and charms to do the work. It is possible that you have just gone out of work and do not have that much time to redress, but remember that your clothing expresses the way you treat yourself and the people in your presence. A naked waist, short pants with motley socks showing and dusty shoes, strong make-up and greasy hair… Whatever the reason may be, it is highly unlikely that it will be the first thing that pops into the interviewer’s mind. So it is necessary to take at least 10 minutes and pamper yourself up before showing up for the meeting in order to not look desperate, filthy and uninterested.
There are a lot of interesting experiments regarding this case over the Internet.How to Make an Amazing First Impression on a Job Interview They take the same person on the street – he falls down, starts convulsing in pain and begs for help. In the first case scenario, he is well-dressed, in a nice costume, haircut, bold walk… And everyone rushes to his side to help him. In the second case scenario, he is dressed in ratty clothes in several layers, hat covering his eyes, the crashed collar of his shirt showing over his sweater, jeans, and sneakers. He walks faintly with his back crooked. Will you be surprised to find put that almost everyone passes him by when it is his turn to beg for help?

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