How to make a wreath of flowers?

 How to make a wreath of flowersWreath of flowers. Flowers are gorgeous ornament for the beauty of every woman, especially if you plan to celebrate in a special way your anniversary or birthday. It is better to choose fresh flowers that give you spring mood and fill your day with colors that nature still missing out.

First step: Take a wire and cut it a size that fits the width of the head at the level of the forehead.

Second step: Mix all the wire to form a corolla. Cover the wire as wrap around it slender twigs.

Step Three: Once you have covered the metal tiara with twigs start adding the flowers – it is up to you what will be the layout and color arrangement. Attaching the flowers is also very easy – wrap the stems with small green wire.

Step Four: Remember, you do not have to cover the entire tiara of flowers, you can leave the twigs to be displayed at the end.

Arrange flowers according to your taste. You can mix large and small flowers, or you may place just one size flowers. Another option is to arrange them by the largest flower in the middle to lower to the edges. You can add ribbons, leaves and any other decorations you like.

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