How to Make a Woman Happy

Make a Woman Happy

Women  are quite not that c omplicated beings. Every representative of the female gender knows this, but unfortunately, only a few men do. Those who have got to know this, though, are celebrated and chanted as heroes. They make women happy, and logically they have way higher chances with them. They captivate even the most dignified hearts, and women adore them. In this article, you will discover 5 ways to become one of those lucky males.
Plan 1. Ask her to have a dinner
This method could sound banal, a classics in the genre, you would say. But you must know that on the first date it is most likely to drop a brick, and do so many mistaken things, that there would be no chances left for a second date. This would be a great pity, wouldn’t it?

Step 1.   You must choose the restaurant.
Be a gentleman! Is it fair to let your sweetheart take engagements from the very first day? Believe me, this won’t lighten your best side for her. A man must be able to make decisions alone! Furthermore, she is incredibly excited to see where you would take her.Make a Woman Happy

Step 2. Open the door for her, and help her to take her coat off.
Now forget everything
you have ever heard about e mancipation. Do you really believe that a woman, who could eventually fall in love with you, would like you to bang the door to her face? This is not nice, it is not even frivolous, but pure negligence in the worst meaning of the word. Hence be clearheaded, show her that you care for her convenience.  Make a Woman Happy

Step 3. Se
ttle her to the place with the most beautiful view.
Certainly, in the flurry, this detail often is missed, but 
exactly by this , the real gentleman is recognized.

Step 4. Tell her how charming she looks
Beginning the night with ‘Oh, how pleased I am to see you!’ is the best option which you could think up, and it is so much more gallant than ‘What will you order’?  It is certain, that she looks charming, and she wants to hear that from you, too – firstly, because she has made effort to stand over hours in front of the mirror to prettify herself for you, and secondly because she is really charming, otherwise why would you ask her out? Scarcely, because you find her too thin.   Make a Woman Happy  

-Zachary R.

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