How to Maintain Proper Hydration

Maintain Proper Hydration

Even though there are species capable of living without oxygen, there is not a single living thing on the planet capable of carrying out its main vital processes without water’s existence. This fully applies for humans, too. Every single cell of our body is composed in average of 75% water and when this percentage gets lower, even slightly, we start suffering from diverse and sometimes quite serious diseases. Proper Hydration

Step 1. Find out whether your hydration level is normal.

If you urinate rarely or in very small portions, and/or if your urine’s colour is darker than usual ( urine’s usual color is pale yellow to colourless) this is an alert that your body is not getting enough amounts of water needed for your complete detoxification. Other signs are dry mouth, sleepiness, thirsty (which is a natural mechanism of human’s body alarm water’s deficiency), headache, confusion, dizziness, and no tears when crying (an advanced level of dehydration).Maintain Proper Hydration

Step 2. If step 1 applies for you, then do this:

The best, easiest and most effective way is just to start off drinking water not in gallons, but in small portions within short intervals of time ( e.g. 150ml water every 10 minutes ). Taking big amounts is not preferable as it leads to swift changes of bloods osmotic pressure and also the blood pressure in your vascular system.

Tips:  Keep hydrated for a smooth skin.
The skin is the biggest organ of human’s body and also, it is one of the most water-dependentones. For a smooth and healthy skin, its cells need to be richly watered, they need water for their tonus, their fast cell divisions and so forth. to Maintain Proper Hydration

Step 3. Always hydrated!

Keep a bottle of water with you during the day. As purchasing water every day would not do good to your budget, provide yourself with a plastic bottle and fill it from the tap, this way you will not damage the environment creating plastic bottle waste. If you don’t get satisfied with the plain taste, drop a slice of lemon or any other kind of fruit inside.

Step 4. When you feel hunger, drink water!

Sometimes, we feel hunger when we are dehydrated, and even if your hunger is not based on water deficiency, drinking water, instead of eating, will help you a ton to overcome your unwilled fat. Proper Hydration

Step 5. Forgetting to drink water.

In case, you forget to drink water, do it on a schedule. For instance, one of the most important parts of the day to drink water is the early morning, when you have just got up from bed

-Zachar R.

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