How To Learn To Play A Guitar

How To Learn To Play A GuitarHere is the list of the top ten tips connected with learning you how to be incredible guitar player:

First of all, you have to learn how to read music. That way you will understand how music works which can be done easy just with getting music books from any guitar store or even in the library.

The second tip is to practice on an acoustic guitar as much as possible. That way you will build up strength in your fingers and then it will be easier for you to play on an electrical guitar.

The third advice is to listen as many professional guitar’s players music as you  can. You may choose from a different type of music according to your personal taste – jazz, classical, blues, rock and metal. A great guitarist finds influence and inspiration from all music styles.

The forth tip is to spend enough time practicing. Practice makes perfect! Even if you have to make some sacrifices in order to have more time to practice. In stead of going shopping, playing video games or watching some stupid movie practice on your guitar. Don’t waste your time doing things which are not profitable. If you are used to getting up at noon, change it – get up early and practice.

The fifth advice is to be consistent in your practicing. Practice for at least an hour every day or practice several hours for two days a week. It is up to you what of these two options you will choose.

If you already have the basics of learning a guitar you can go to the sixth advice which is try to learn songs by ear. That way you will develop a good ear for music.

Our seventh advice is to work on a daily schedule. It can be something like fifteen minutes of worming up, after that fifteen minutes of reading music and practicing your playing skills. Do that every day.

The eight advice is very difficult for the most of us who live in big noisy cities – you have to practice in a quiet environment in order to focus better. Turn off the TV and the computer because no distractions are needed.

The ninth tip is to play with emotion.

And the final tip is to understand that every guitar player is different – one guitarist may be great at speed while other can be very good at playing with rhythm. It’s about you find what you are good in and start practicing on it.