How to invite a girl to dance?

How to invite a girl to danceIf by nature you are too shy or feel not sure in yourself when you invite a girl to dance, these tips can help you. Typically, most girls like men to take the initiative to create a close, although they are the ones who actually want to dance. The invitation to dance demonstrates exactly your willingness to take a risk, confidence in your own ability and charm to go with dignity, regardless of the response of the other side.

In the name of security it is better to navigate if chosen woman has a partner that accompanies her. But even if she is alone at this moment, she can expect her boyfriend or perhaps she does not want contact with other men, which increases the possibility of being rejected. The most effective way is the simplest – askher. Go to the girl and say something general, such as: “This is my favorite club, do you come often here?” Or make her a compliment. Many girls spend a long time and attention to their appearance, so it show that you are impressed by the way she looks. Then ask her who she came with and if she tells you she came with friends, ask her for a permission to dance together.

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