How To Influence a Woman – Left and right

How To Influence a Woman - Left and rightAccording to a magical Slavic school in the left part of us is our past and in our right part is our future. Our past is well known to us and we should not be afraid of it. Our future is unknown and therefore perceive it as a threat. For this reason, when we meet a woman necessarily we should find ourselves in her”left”. So she subconsciously accepts us as “friends.” If we are in her “right” the unknown woman will perceive us as “DANGER”.

The same principle can be used when we are arguing with someone. If you are in his/her “right”, he/she will accept you as “DANGER” and will try to end the dispute. If you are in his/her “left”, the enemy will perceive us as “CALM” and will try to continue the dispute to overpower you and beat you. When we want to get something from someone we stand in his “left”. When we want to frighten anyone we have to stand in his “right”.

Ericksonian hypnosis (covert hypnosis)

Once you have mastered the attention of a woman in her “left” you have to greet and introduce yourself. (For starters you can just smile and say “My name is …..”).

Then you needs to create a “report”.

“Report” is a specific condition of the subconscious trust and willingness to follow orders, instructions or suggestions. In general terms “report” – this is a relationship of full acceptance, trust and understanding in a small group or just – harmonious relations. For starters (for beginners) we will give you three very different cunning and powerful

ways of creating the report. They are:

1. Reflection

2. Joining values

3. Creating sensations and feelings

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