How To Improve Vertical Jump Without Expensive Special Equipment

How To Improve Vertical Jump Without Expensive Special EquipmentVertical Jump is a movement that shows how high you can jump. It is of great significance when you are working on your performance in some sport. Having improved the strength of your muscles, the flexibility and losing a couple of pounds will definitely improve your vertical jump.

The first thing you should do is buying comfortable shoes. The second – improving leg strength. This could be accomplished by jogging or running fast. Even walking around the shops can help you lose weight and build muscles in your legs. When you walk faster than normal you burn much more fat than walking slowly. You can choose between walking slowly for two hours or walking faster for 45 minutes because you will have the same effect.

The third thing you should work on is your flexibility. Before jogging stretch for a couple of minutes. Before making an attempt for vertical jump you should warm up. And the final thing you should do is improving cardiovascular endurance. It may seem easy to jump ones or twice, but all professional players have to jump much more than that.

Jumping on a rope is a complex movement in the performance of which it involves all muscle groups of the legs, and most muscle groups of the arms and torso. Long jumping enhances the activity of central and peripheral nervous system because it required constant maintenance of equilibrium in the rapidly changing environment. This stress can have positive influences on the muscles and the cardiovascular system, blood flow to internal organs and not least to improve the nervous system.

The important thing is that the more advanced is one person in jumping on a rope, the less intense is the load, if done with the same number of rotations per minute. People who have not practiced at all, even 60 jumps/per minute(minimum speed jump rope) may be high-intensity cardio.

Have you ever wondered why so few people use in the gym jumping rope as a cardio activity?The reason isn’t that the machines are more effective, it is because people are not willing to spend time learning the techniques of jumping.
According to some medical studies it is proved that in addition to fat loss, jumping practitioners has something more important in the long run. Jumping rope improves the function of the vestibular system and reduces stress.

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