How to improve the look of your Attic design

How to improve the look of your Attic designOutdoor loft It is a perfect place for a child’s room or bedroom, and skylights to help fill it with sunlight and fresh air. They are perfectly illuminating the room, skipping up to 40% more light than vertical windows of similar size. Because the dormer windows are made of wood, they combine perfectly with wooden interiors and become a real decoration of the classic gable roof of metal. All these qualities make an excellent choice for skylights country houses.

The windows in the attic can be varied in form – round, polygonal, and a constructive solution – on the plane of the roof, protruding, recessed, occupying all or part of the plane of the pediment, etc. Glass windows can be very different in form surfaces – flat, convex, the texture – smooth, matte, patterned, by colour – clear, coloured, stained glass, etc. Small skylights create a pleasant atmosphere of intimacy, comfort, great – open up the room the sun and air, as it merges with the landscape. Tinted windows can be successfully used in the design of interior and exterior of the building.
Special expressiveness to the house with a loft attached to various terraces, balconies, conservatories, bay windows and overhanging roofs. These elements can be based both on the volume of the lower room and on my own design, which can serve as a console of beams, remote slabs, brackets and even a little of their own frame. Type balconies can be from a small decorative French far solarium with a light canopy and pool.
Illumination of the attic to be taken with a minimum area ratio of light to the floor area of ​​the opening 1:10. In these annexes, natural lighting can be either a vertical front wall and through the roof due to all sorts of lights and skylights, which play an important role in the architectural solution of the facade and interior design.
For fire protection purposes when designing speaker’s skylights, the lighting and lamps be aware that the distance between the sill and the upper point of the underlying coverage must be at least 0.75 m.

For the roof, windows or balconies loft is used to finish non-flammable materials (marble or ceramic tiles, asbestos-cement slabs and dc).

In space in the corners formed by the inclined plane and the horizontal floor, inevitably formed “dead zones” unsuitable for use in homes. Such places are closed by vertical walls of height not less than 0.9 m and are successfully used for various household needs (arrange beds, fitted wardrobes and do so on). Room area in attic floor should be at least 7 sq. Value of the premises operated by a sufficient height to floor area of ​​at least 1:2.

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