How to Improve My Diction For Public Speeches

 Improve My Diction For Public Speeches

Speech is that incredible tool which provides us with the ability to interchange information with quite a high speed. But in order to function well , one’s speech has to be clear, trim, and also flowing. Imagine a president talking in front of his nation and nobody understands what he is talking about, this would be absolutely dangerous because every word a man of this position says is decisive for the fate of his entire nation. Fortunately, there are diction-improvement courses which are taken by businessmen, singers and public speakers.

Step 1.
A mirror and a cork
This exercise will improve your way to pronounce the sounds in the human speech simply by making you open your mouth wider. Using this method your articulation betters and the sounds flow more clearly out of your mouth, which is what we aim at. Obtain a cork plugged out of a wine bottle, stand in front of the mirror, put the cork in your mouth, but not the entire cork just around 5mm of it, the rest stays out. Pawl it tightly between your teeth and do not move your mandi ble anymore. Find something to read, and start up reading with the cork in your mouth up to 5 minutes, if you feel pain in your mandibular muscles, you had better stop it right away. Repeat this every day, after a week, the effect will be observable.Improve My Diction For Public Speeches 1

Step 2.
A mirror and a pen
This particular exercise is constructed for the so called ‘lazy lips’. Lips are muscles, and similarly to every other muscle in your body,  they need to be trained to enhance their functioning. Practicing this on a daily basis will improve your lips’ capability to move accordingly to your speaking speed, which is important. When you are speaking and your lips are not warmed up, they will perform delays.
Exercise: Stand in front of the mirror, take a pen, place it tangentially between your teeth and get something to read. Do it every day, again, when you start feeling some pain, cease the exercise.Improve My Diction For Public Speeches 2

Step 3. Tongue-twisters
Reading tongue-twisters increases your capability to speak fast and correctly at the same time.
There are magazines, internet pages with tongue-twisters. Open a webpage and start reading, do not give up, as it will be extremely difficult in the beginning and your success rate won’t be that high, but practice is the key.
Improve My Diction For Public Speeches3

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