How to Get Rid Of Double Chin – Excercises

How to Get Rid Of Double Chin - ExcercisesDouble chin is not  beautiful and  most often indicates the presence of extra pounds that many women cleverly conceal a properly chosen clothing. Excess fat is easily deposited in the neck and chin, which form a peculiar stock which is the double chin.

The most natural and simple way to get rid of such drawback is to maintain normal weight. But there is something more – special exercises. They are simple enough and easy to implement, but should be performed daily and, of course, in addition to a balanced diet. In addition, it to removing the double chin, these exercises will help you to improve the tone of the cervical muscles, and this is very important for general health, the nature of his skin in the neck.

What causes the appearance of double chin?
Platysma ( flat muscle with negligible thickness located subcutaneously) provides movement of the jaw down and corner of the lips. It is the muscle that should be strengthened in order to get rid of double chin. It has been proved that exersicing this muscle can strengthen the face and clear fat. The effect will be better than a cosmetic facelift. Among the reasons for the appearance of double chin are excessive calorie diet, sharply adding weight to the personal weight, orthopedic problems and rapid weight loss.

Exercises for the correction of double chin

Before bedtime lie down on one side and slowly release the head to the pillow until you feel a stretch. Make the same position and turn to the other side. Perform the exercise 4-5 times, but be careful not to get to the painful tension – slowly.
Lie on a firm surface, straighten your arms at your sides and slowly lift your head (Do not separate your shoulders from the floor), hold a few seconds – 15-20. Then slowly loosen the floor, but do not leave it up completely. 2-3 inches from the floor hold still for several seconds, then gently turn left and right.
Make it 10 times and return to starting position.
Raise the maximum head to chest, then slowly return it back (without touching the floor). Work with uniform rate – 10 times.
Put the stronger hand on the forehead and push back. Strain your neck muscles.
If you eat healthy  and add exercises to that, you will get rid of double chin very soon.

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