How To Get Pregnant Easily?

Conception is preceded by various events. Every month you have ovulation. When the ovum separates the pregnancy is already possible – it should happen within 24 hours after ovulation. If the ovum is fertilized, a few days after it moves into the uterus. Your monthly cycle interrupts and begin to nurture the embryo.

Portrait of angelic baby and his mother

Portrait of angelic baby and his mother

What should you do?

To get pregnant easier, you’d better follow a few rules:

• have sex regularly – two or three times a week. Then the probability of becoming pregnant is greater.

• When approaching the date of ovulation it is better to have sex every day

• Maintain normal weight, do exercises and undergo less stress

• Take vitamins – folic acid (Vitamin B9) plays an important role in fetal development.

What not to do?

• Don’t smoke – nicotine prevents fertilization of the ovum.

• Avoid drinking alcohol

• Don’t take any medication unless you consult with a doctor – certain medicines can prevent pregnancy. Later, after you get pregnant some medicines can lead to miscarriage.

• It takes up to six months for most couples in which both partners are healthy to get pregnant. In about 85% of couples become pregnant within one year after the start of the trials. If after this period there is no positive result, it is good to see a doctor – a specialist in reproductive problems.

Change your lifestyle if you want to conceive

1. Consult with your doctor. This way you will avoid any health problems that can affect your pregnancy and which can be removed before you become pregnant.

2. If you drink any pills make sure they are completely safe for the future course of your pregnancy. Your doctor may change the dose or change the course of treatment with other drugs that are safe for the developing baby.

3. Try not to overload the workplace, it is important to be calm. If your employer requires a lot from you and you are exposed to dangerous chemicals and preparations, ask your employer to change your job before you start trying to conceive.

4. Make sure you have made all immunizations.

5. Make sure your weight is the norm. Studies have shown that women who are underweight or overweight are at increased risk of infertility or could have complications during pregnancy.

6. Take folic acid. Your baby will need a whole cocktail of nutrients to grow and develop.

7. Stop smoking and drinking.

8. Gradually reduce the use of caffeine. If you can not give up coffee completely, at least you can limit to one cups in the morning, not more.

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