How to furnish your kitchen

How to furnish your kitchenTo prevent errors, it is better to consult a professional designer. For those who prefer to take all decisions alone, give some general recommendations.
Red gives energy, increases vitality, and awakens the appetite. Its strength lies in the powerful energy charge, which is particularly relevant in the early morning. In addition, contrary evening red may annoy you and inappropriate to provoke in you a desire to eat. You will be more difficult to deal with cravings even if you have decided to stick firmly to the diet kitchen in red.
If it does not bother you, we recommend that you stop on the warm shades of red (coral, tomato), orange or bright yellow – sun, refreshing and aggressive colors. Alternatively, another option: garnished with red surface can be combined with white, as the bottom in red to complement the combination of white glass and metal at the top.
Stylish kitchen furnishing

The blue color, unlike the red soothes and reduces appetite. However, blue or dark blue kitchen will not look very comfortable. It is better to gently stop on the light blue tint, symbolizing purity and freshness, and so suitable for those who do not want to overeat.
Warm green and lush brown hues are united family-friendly atmosphere, are able to deliver you from the “open scandal”, in addition, raise your mood.
It is very interesting in the kitchen practically unused violet. He relaxes, lowers stress, positive affect metabolism and suppresses appetite. Unlike the residential premises where a purple should be exercised in the kitchen it is permissible in not only the world, and saturated colors, combining beautifully with the olive and tan hues.
When choosing a color for the kitchen is important to keep in mind the amount of natural light. If the kitchen window looking north or west, and even more if the kitchen did not box, avoid pale, pastel-shades of caramel. Peach, peanut, powdered pink and other shades in the absence of sunlight will look pale and “poor”. This effect will be enhanced in a matte finish.
Generally, glossy surfaces, filled nail or glass, may require more carefully maintained, but look more festive and spectacular thanks to the reflective surface and more saturated colors. Matt are only relevant if you want to visually hide the kitchen.
So choose one of the best options for the kitchen furniture to your taste, right part of your life you spend in the kitchen say, preparing gustatory masterpieces for them and loved ones!


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