How to find out if I’m pregnant – top ten signs?

 If you regularly keeping an eye to your body and you know what is your own rhythm, it will be very easy to understand that something new happens. The most important fact is that your body start changing from the moment of conception.

 How to find out if I'm pregnant - top ten signs1

Top 10 first signs of change:

1. Numbness in the nipples – the reason is pregnancy-related hormones that increase blood flow to the chest.

2. Spotting and understanding – you may notice a slight pink or brown spotting on your underwear.

3. Nausea – it is significant to know, however, that is not necessarily a sign seen to every woman.

4. Tense and sore breasts – about the sixth week of pregnancy, your breasts may become very hard and when you touch them, the feeling is painful. The feeling is like as a little before the beginning of your cycle, but much stronger.

5. Fatigue – at the beginning of the pregnancy it is normal to feel tired and to sleep continuously. The reason is that in these first days and weeks of pregnancy, your body adjusts to it to support a new life.How to find out if I'm pregnant - top ten signs

6. Often walking to the toilet – you will notice that you need much more frequent visits to the toilet. There are several reasons – hormones associated with pregnancy, increased blood circulation in your body, and increased work of the kidneys.

7. Darker nipples – part of the changes in pregnancy are associated with a change in the pigmentation of your skin. Don’t worry – most of these changes are temporary.

8. Changing tastes and sensitivity to smells – it is possible foods that you like now to cause nausea and the vice versa – foods you never liked, to seem verydelicious now. However, be careful with being on a diet during pregnancy. In addition, you will notice a much greater sensitivity to specific odors. It is even stronger perfumes feel sick or faint!

9. Delay cycle – if you used the ovulation calculator, then you’ve got the information about the date of your next cycle. If it is late, this is another (almost) sure sign that you are pregnant.

10. Home pregnancy test – if most of the above signs are there you have to resort to the last vehicle in the “home” conditions, which can answer the question “Am I pregnant?”. Remember that to have the most reliable results of the pregnancy test, you must wait at least one day after the delay of your cycle.

If the above signs are there – congratulations, you are most likely to be pregnant!


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